For small businesses or contractors that provide ongoing services (like delivery subscriptions, health professional appointments, or cleaning services), setting up recurring payments for clients is an excellent way to control cash flow and improve financial planning.

If you use Stripe as a payment method for your business, you can benefit from setting up a subscription-based payment for your clients.

In this article, we’ll give you a simple walkthrough of how to set Stripe recurring payments using the ChargeStripe app.

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What is a recurring payment on Stripe?

Stripe recurring payments allow businesses and independent professionals to set regular billings to a customer or a client, just like your Netflix account or gym membership. It works like a subscription: on a pre-defined date and frequency, you will be able to send an automatic payment request – an invoice – for your clients to pay.

If you have a business that works with recurring services, or if you serve clients regularly (like a doctor or a therapist), this is the best way to ensure you never miss a payment from a customer. 

How do I set a Stripe recurring payment with ChargeStripe?

ChargeStripe Recurring Payments

If you have a Stripe account to manage your payments, you can use the ChargeStripe app to set up subscriptions right from your phone in just a few steps. 

Step 1: Download ChargeStripe

The ChargeStripe app is available for iOS and Google Play app stores, and it is free to download.

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Step 2: Log in with your Stripe Account

After downloading the ChargeStripe app on your phone, Stripe users will need to log in using their account. If you are not a Stripe user yet, you will need to set up your account (you can quickly learn how in this article).

Step 3: Create Subscriptions Plans

After logging in, follow these steps to create a recurring payment:

  • Find the subscription feature on ChargeStripe’s menu.
  • Click on “+” to add a new subscription plan to your Stripe account.
  • Set up the Stripe recurring payment information (Product/Service name, amount, frequency).
  • Click Save.

Now that you created the subscription plan, you will need to select the customer or clients that will pay for this recurring service or product.

  • Go back to the subscription feature on ChargeStripe’s menu.
  • Click on the subscription you created.
  • Add client’s personal and credit card information.
  • Click Save.

Then, your client will be charged the amount you set up on the subscription plan with the frequency you defined.

How do I check if I got paid correctly?

Sometimes payment systems cannot complete recurring payments due to credit card information that is out of date or canceled. So even though you set up a subscription to guarantee your client’s amount, it is good to confirm your payments every once in a while to ensure they are completed. You can easily do that using your ChargeStripe account by accessing previous transactions on the app’s menu.

How the Subscription Feature can Help Your Business

Stripe Subscription

Setting up a recurring payment plan or a subscription feature is a way to boost your business or service revenue. And ChargeStripe makes it easy by allowing you to do this right from your mobile phone. It is a perfect way to charge for ongoing services. Independent professionals can benefit from having a trusted payment service that accepts credit cards and allows them to collect payment for missed appointments easily.

Using ChargeStripe’s subscription feature can also help:

  • Reduce late payments (that harm your cash flow)
  • Minimize the invoice and paperwork
  • Reduce costs by gaining more free time
  • Improve your customer experience and relationships
  • Guarantee a safe payment environment and procedure for you and your customers


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