If you’re a store owner looking to consolidate both your in-person and online payments, do we have some exciting news for you. Stripe’s new reader for chip and contactless payments, Stripe Terminal card reader, has been released. Keep reading to learn all about:


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What is Stripe Terminal?

stripe terminal mobile card reader

Stripe Terminal is a chip and contactless payment card machine service. It seamlessly works through your Stripe account by extending online payments to in-person payments in a simple, efficient and unified way. Stripe Terminal is secure and safe yet it reduces the typical administrative compliance burden that comes with physical card readers. When you use this point-of-sale tool, you can instantly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Stripe’s backend management and reporting functionality helps you manage online payments like Shopify or other ecommerce transactions, bookings, and subscriptions, along with nearly any other payment function. And Stripe Terminal offers a fleet management section that remotely monitors and manages all of your Stripe Terminals. What’s super handy if you have several physical locations is you can set location-specific settings for each card reader and check when each reader was last active.

Benefits of the Stripe Terminal Card Reader


When you use the Stripe Terminal reader, you can easily consolidate online and in-person payments without the burden and cost of contracting for a card machine, PCI compliance, and other administrative requirements for physical location card payments. Plus, with a bit of coding, you can customize Stripe Terminal to look and feel as you’d like it to, in your own Shopify or e-commerce store with your own branding.

More specifically, with the Stripe terminal, you’ll get to experience benefits like these.

Use your existing Stripe account

If you’re already using Stripe, there are no extra steps to get set up since you can use your existing account. And if you’re new to Stripe, it only takes a few minutes to sign up and get started.

Zero fees

You won’t incur any setup or monthly fees and no subscription is required.

Easy setup

Stripe Terminal is super simple to set up. Simply connect it via Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Fraud detection and PCI compliance, built-in

Stripe Terminal comes with superior fraud detection by default, so you can rest assured the device is safe and secure. It’s easy to verify your information with your billing zip code, CVC check, or both. No payment information is stored, and the card reader can’t be decrypted or read by anyone.

Seamless payment management

It’s easy to manage all of your online and offline sales in one spot with one Stripe integration, which offers a consistent customer view and simplifies transaction reporting and reconciliation. Stripe Terminal consolidates Stripe payments across all your channels in the backend, simplifying sales reports which give a complete picture of all sales and transactions, no matter how they were taken through Stripe.

Control your shopping experience

Stripe Terminal lets you offer your customers a seamless experience across channels, like buying online and picking up in-store. As well, it’s simple to integrate Stripe with your Shopify store to customize your checkout flow.

Customer support

All Stripe users get customer support 24/7 via email, chat, or phone. Stripe’s website also offers lots of guides and resources to help you out.

What is ChargeStripe?

Charge Screen

ChargeStripe manages payments of any sort through its own app or approved card reader, like Stripe Terminal. With ChargeStripe, you can:

  • Send invoices or request payments online, through email, or by SMS.
  • Create recurring payments.
  • Scan payment cards in person with Stripe Terminal, another reader, or your phone.
  • Integrate with Stripe Terminal for payment processing by connecting your mobile device to accept card payments, send invoices, and manage customer information.
  • Accept mobile and online payments, using either iOS or Android.
  • Support payments in 27 currencies and 47 countries.
  • Easily send customers receipts.
  • Contact helpful customer support with questions or issues.


This video below shows just how easy, secure, and reliable it is to start accepting payments with ChargeStripe:


How Stripe Terminal Works with ChargeStripe

Stripe Terminal is ideal for businesses already using Stripe, and the reader integrates smoothly with ChargeStripe’s payments system – no coding needed. It’s easy to use the new Stripe Terminal with the ChargeStripe card reader. In just a few minutes, you can easily connect your Stripe account and start accepting credit card payments from your iOS or Android mobile device.

Here’s how to get started with ChargeStripe and Stripe Terminal:

1. Download ChargeStripe

You can get the ChargeStripe app at no cost from the Apple or Android app store. Just install it on your phone, and we’ll guide you from there.


Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

2. Set up your Stripe account in the ChargeStripe app

If you already have a Stripe account, simply enter your account information to connect it to ChargeStripe. If not, it’s super easy to create one directly in ChargeStripe. The initial set-up will take you about a half-hour, so be sure you have the time and this information ready to go. While it might seem like a lot of details, keep in mind it’s for your own protection as the detailed application process helps Stripe prevent fraud.

  • Business email address – this will be your login and where Stripe sends you payment notifications.
  • Physical business address – Stripe supports customers in 47 countries, including the US and Canada. If you don’t have a business location, use your home address.
  • Business phone number – you’ll need a “customer support” number, so if you don’t have a business line, consider a free Google Voice number.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) – sole proprietors pay income taxes under their SSN, and Federal EINs are for LLCs or S-Corps.
  • Website or social media profile – Stripe uses this in its verification process.
  • Personal information – including your name, home address, birthday, and your SSN’s last four digits.
  • Banking information – you need checking account routing and bank account numbers where Stripe transfers payments.

It might take a few business days for Stripe to approve your account or note any issues. Once approved, you’ll see your first payment in 7-10 days. From there, payments typically take 2 business days.

3. Connect and integrate your new Stripe terminal

It’s simple to start using your new Stripe Terminal. Simply sign in to the app and click on the “connect card reader”. Your card reader is now connected via Bluetooth and a package is installed on the app through the card reader. Then, you’ll select a location from the list available. It’s important to note that you must first input this location list into your Stripe dashboard  here before it will reflect in your ChargeStripe app location list. Then, you can start charging and accepting payments from customers.

4. Collect credit card payments and send invoices from anywhere

accept payments from anywhere

ChargeStripe makes it easy to accept credit card payments any time, anywhere. For example, in person, you can swipe a card with the Stripe Terminal or take the information over the phone and manually enter it into the reader. Your customers can also pay for orders online, and the transaction information will be automatically collected with your Stripe Terminal records.

card reader


How Much is Stripe Terminal?

When you get the Stripe Terminal through ChargeStripe, it costs $99 for US orders or $129 for international orders (plus 2.7% + $0.05 per successful card transaction). Even better, during the first month of release, you’ll get 10% off – so act fast!

The great thing about using ChargeStripe is you’re only charged when and as you use the app and you won’t incur any membership, minimum, or hidden fees. All you’ll pay is 1.2% plus Stripe’s processing fees, which are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the US.


Now that you’ve seen what Stripe Terminal can do for your store, you can give it a try for yourself and experience the benefits firsthand. A seamless, automated payment solution saves you time, allowing you to focus on what matters most to grow and scale your business, boost traffic and sales, or achieve other important goals.


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