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ChargeStripe keeps business moving at this beautiful and bustling campsite in England, whether staff are at the front desk checking guests in, or on foot around the park.
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How do you use ChargeStripe?

As a Campsite we use ChargeStripe mainly at our reception desk for guests who arrive and want to pay for their stay, which is quick and simple. The other great benefit of having the ChargeStripe app conveniently located on our iPad is that we’re also able to take payments on foot around the park, which is a huge benefit to our business.

How easy was it to set up ChargeStripe?

Very easy and only took a few minutes to set up!

What kind of impact has ChargeStripe had on your business?

Having a mobile card processing system is a huge advantage as approximately 75% of our customers like to pay by card, so having ChargeStripe makes the process simple and straightforward. Customers also tend to spend a little more when paying by card. If you’re on the lookout for a payment processing app, I would certainly recommend ChargeStripe!


Compete with bigger businesses
”This has allowed my small business to compete with the big boys. I could not run my business without Stripe.” by Wanaka Suites
Great service and reasonably priced
”I am able to offer services I was not able to offer before, as not many people carry cash!” by Peake’s Retreats
Extremely easy
”Have the ability to take a payment anytime and anywhere.” by Kardi Leasing
Very straightforward and simple
“Take payment and issue receipts to clients immediately in one transaction. User friendly app. No fuss.” by BB Chauffeur Services

Want to use ChargeStripe for your travel or tour business?

Set up is a snap. Just download the ChargeStripe app from the Android or Apple app store, log in with your Stripe account (here’s how to set one up), and start charging!

You can type in credit card info, scan cards with your phone’s camera, or order an optional card reader to swipe cards — all from your smartphone or tablet.

There are no monthly fees and no commitments, which makes it a great solution for small travel and tour business owners.

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