Stripe Credit Card Reader for iPhone and iPad

Make a lot of Stripe charges? A Stripe credit card reader that plugs right into your iPhone or iPad is the fastest way to process all those payments with the ChargeStripe app.

$99 in the US, $129 internationally


Compatible with iOS devices, including most iPhones

The Stripe terminal card reader is compatible with any iPhone or iPad device using a bluetooth connection (iPhone 5 & later, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro)

Stripe credit card reader for iPhone and iPad

Security you can trust, with a battery that’s built to last

Designed to exceed PCI regulations, with strong encryption and best-in-class security features to protect your customers’ data.
Built to last up to 1 million swipes.

Fast and flexible for your busy business

Adding a Stripe credit card reader to your iPhone means you can accept payments fast and reliably, from anywhere. Plus, you’ll save time, and avoid mistakes that come with manual credit card entry.

Get a Stripe credit card reader for your iPhone today

Ordering takes less than 30 seconds. Just fill out your shipping and payment information and we’ll get it in the mail. It’s that easy.

$99 in the US, $129 internationally


Great App
”Glad I found this app. Makes charging people on the go using Stripe easy. I also like the different currencies, so I can charge my international customers as well.” by Rebus03
Amazing App
”Works so well, it has helped my business immensely.” by st4gger
A Godsend
”Love how fast and easy it is to work with.” by PoshGio
Best payment app yet!
”Safe, reliable, low rates, great design- cannot ask for more in a payment app!” by meetam
Does what it says
”The app is great. It does what it says and my money shows up in my account. Customer support is amazing. They even respond on Sundays.” by App Mom 1027
Awesome APP!
”I’m able to be mobile with new customers and accept payments. Working flawlessly so far and I have zero complaints.” by Slickcustoms
Simple to use, quick responses!
”Best credit card processing app I’ve used, and I’ve used many/most, especially for ease of use and simplified process. Nice app!” by MVP Burgh