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With private personal training services in Boston’s Back Bay, Free Your Fit lets customers build credit card rewards and muscle mass.
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How do you use ChargeStripe?

I’m a personal trainer and train in a private studio. Having ChargeStripe allows my clients to use any of their credit cards, anytime and anywhere. With so many credit cards having reward points or miles, most clients prefer to use those instead of other methods of payment. ChargeStripe makes it easy to accommodate everyone.

How easy was it to setup ChargeStripe?

It was set up in just a few minutes and money transfers within a couple of days. Couldn’t be easier!

What kind of impact has ChargeStripe had on your business?

It’s been great. It is incredibly simple and efficient which clients appreciate, and as a self employed small business owner it gives you the ability to offer numerous ways for clients to pay.


Simplifies payments for my yogis
”They spend more (!) and allows authenticity as they love the card reader app” by White Branches Yoga Studio
It’s Vital
”We take direct payments by phone using the Charge App… Very easy, and we are not experts at that sort of thing.” by Inanna Sanctuary
So easy and quick
”Taking phone payments is easy for clients and we get upfront payment” by Nicki Williams, nutritionist, author, speaker women’s health expert, and owner of Happy Hormones for Life
Simple as 1-2-3!
“Love the versatility and ease of Stripe’s design!” by Massage Botanica

Want to use ChargeStripe for your health and wellness business?

Set up couldn’t be easier. Just download the ChargeStripe app from the Android or Apple app store, log in with your Stripe account (here’s how to set one up), and start charging!

You can type in credit card info, scan cards with your camera, or order a card reader to swipe cards — all from your smartphone or tablet.

There are no monthly fees and no commitments, which makes it a great solution for small health and wellness businesses like yours.

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